Trunk Bound Regime

Trunk Bound Regime
Now You're All Fucked (CD)
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Trunk Bound Regime
Members: Mike Cooley, Beezus Cristo (Just Be, Besus Christ, Trunk Bound Beezus)

Label: Squids Eye Records
Release Date: 2010
Format: CD, CDR, Limited Edition
Genre: Hip Hop

Beyond Space Entertainment などで活動していた Mike Cooley と Beezus Cristo による、米オハイオ州デイトンの Trunk Bound Regime のファースト・アルバム! ボーナス・ディスク 「Trunk Bound And Down Season 1」 付き限定盤!

01. Gettin Mine
02. Traffic
03. Lead The Way
04. No Second Guessin (Regime Mix)
05. Our People
06. Watcha Call That
07. Gravity
08. Enjoy The Ride

Trunk Bound Regime Mix CD

Trunk Bound Regime

Trunk Bound Regime
Trunk Bound And Down Season 1 (CDR)

Bonus Disc: Trunk Bound And Down Season 1
01. Trunk Bound And Down Intro
02. We Aint Looking Back
03. Destined To Shine
04. 94
05. Winter Time
06. I Put It All Behind Me
07. Mike De La
08. Just Be De La
09. Sweetest Thing
10. Ease West North South
11. It's Not You , It's Me
12. Bitch I Don't Want You Back
13. Endzone
14. More Mixtapes
15. Trunk Bound And Down
16. Dreams