Thesis Sahib

Thesis Sahib
Wartime Theme Songs For The Modern Ego (CD)
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Label: Cease And Desist
Release Date: 2003
Format: CD
Genre: Hip Hop

画家としても知られるカナダの Thesis Sahib のアルバム!

01. Wartime Theme Songs
02. Man
03. Theo Sasquatch
04. Fuel The Fear
05. Interlude
06. He
07. Summer of SARS (feat. Choke / Timbuktu / Wordburglar)
08. It's Our Nature
09. Lady Bird
10. Diet for a New America
11. Ace Hard
12. Tin Man's Shoes
13. Fall Guy
14. King Friday
15. Teen Idols
16. While We're Here
17. Home
18. Exi(s)t