The Understudies

The Understudies
CC4: We Out Here! (CDR)
Price: ¥2,480 ¥1,240

The Understudies
Members: Citizen, Cobbo, Manifest, Self Advocate, Sean E Depp, Maintain, Poe, Gee, Myers, DJ MRC.

米西海岸アンダーグラウンド・ヒップホップシーンで躍進する The Understudies の「CC」シリーズ第4弾!

Label: Study Music
Release Date: 2010
Format: CDR
Genre: Hip Hop

01. DJ FRESH & The Whole Shabang Intro
02. All Here
03. Karate Man (Bleed On The Inside)
04. Soul of The City (Pt. 1)
05. Soul of The City (Pt. 2) (feat. G)
06. Time To Get Fresh
07. Three (The Easy Way) (feat. G & A Brother Named George (The Lessondary crew))
08. Intermediary Interlude
09. Underground Sound
10. Writers Block (feat. 21 Stylez (Kurse Krew) & Elijah The Poet)
11. The Type of Dude
12. Back To The Future (feat. Maleko)
Producer - Self Advocate / Cobbo / Myers / Citizen / Welsed / Cyberclops / DMP / Blinky / Abdul Malik