The Understudies

The Understudies
CC2: Class Is In Session (CDR)
Price: ¥2,480 ¥1,240

The Understudies
Members: Citizen (Mr.CITI, The FCC), Cobbo (Geebz, Fly Cobb, The FCC), Manifest ("D"), Self Advocate (Self Ad, Hard Harry, Venture Capitalists), Sean E Depp (Hip Hop Invada Zim, Black Hunter S, Seany J, seanYgee, Hustlemode), Maintain'' (Constant, After Hijrah, Husayn Jay), Gee (Double O Negative, seanYgee, Hustlemode), Myers (Switch, J. Myers), Poe (Livin' Poetry, Had Matter, Candlespit Collective, BTD), DJ MRC (Mr.CITI)

カリフォルニア・アンダーグラウンド・ヒップホップシーンの注目株 The Understudies!
The Understudies「CC」シリーズ第2弾。入手困難なCDR!推薦盤!

Label: Study Music
Release Date: 2008
Format: CDR
Genre: Hip Hop

01. Who Can get busy like this? (Intro)
02. Banshee - Cobbo aka Fly Cobb
03. Bounce, Rock (feat. Gee)
04. Stand Guard - Self Ad x Cousin J x Dap Tha Stampede
05. Axe Cologne - Sean E Depp
06. Dreams
07. Death of the B-Boy - Venture Caps
08. ...And you suck
09. Junkie
10. Alvazan (feat. Sirah & DJ Hoppa (Broken Complex))
11. Space Shook
12. Lucid Dreams
13. King of The Bongos
14. Hip Hop (For Real) (feat. Kevorkian)
15. Black Monday - Venture Caps
16. Do You Do-Wop?(A tribute to Nina Simone) - J Myers
17. Un-Hook - Citizen & Livin' Poetry
18. Just Do It (Part 1)
19. Blast From the Past - TSF
20. Aspects - Maintain & J Myers
Producer - Citizen / Cobbo / Manifest / Welsed / Dap Tha Stampede

The Understudies