The Shape Shifters

The Shape Shifters
Was Here (CD)
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Members: Akuma, Awol One, Bleek, Circus, Existereo, Die Young, Doc Lewd, Jericho J, LA Jae, LifeRexall, Mek One, Perk One, Radioinactive, Rob One, Shumagorath

Label: Cornerstone R.A.S.
Release Date: 2004
Format: CD
Genre: Hip Hop

01. More Than Meets The Eye
02. Message 4 yer Planet
03. Run The Crowd
04. Pindar
05. Tabasco
06. Circuit City
07. Rockin These Mics
08. Listen Up (Interlude)
09. Psycho Stick
10. Lil Life (feat. Pigeon John)
11. We R the Dinosaur
12. Domination
13. Quit Your Job
14. Yum Yum
15. Kreye Inn
16. Futuristic
17. Kinda Like
18. American Idle (feat. 2Mex / Busdriver / Slug)
19. Take Me to Your Leader
20. You Know You Want It
Producer – Andre Afram Asmar / Daddy Kev / LA Jae / Transducer / LifeRexall / WD4D