The Shape Shifters

The Shape Shifters
Planet Of The Shapes (2CDR)
Price: ¥3,480

The Shape Shifters
Members: Akuma, Awol One, Bleek, Circus, Existereo, Die Young, Doc Lewd, Jericho J, LA Jae, LifeRexall, Mek One, Perk One, Radioinactive, Rob One, Shumagorath

Label: Celestial Recordings/The Shape Shifters
Release Date: 1998/2011
Format: CDR, Reissue
Genre: Hip Hop

米ロスアンジェルスから、The Shape Shifters の入手困難だったアルバムが待望の再発! Nobody, Andre Afram Asmar, H.I.M.N.L. (Darkleaf), DJ Esp (Three Eyed Cowz) らが参加!

The Shape Shifters

01. What Have We Done To Make God Angry?
02. Da Socias Have Taken Over
03. Blame The Chupa Cabra
04. Abducted Again
05. Sacred Geometry (Additional Vocals - Catherine Lerider)
06. The Youth Of Today
07. Starship Bethlehem
08. Four Days Of Darkness
09. Conceivable Evidence
10. Welcome To My Planet
11. Return Of The Atlantis Awareness

01. Apu At The Gandi Lodge (feat. - MC Jackalope)
02. We Are The... "Anthem"
03. Word To Your Mutha Ship
04. Transend And Evolve
05. Shit's Stranger Than Science
06. Earthlings
07. Any Mal And The Useless Eaters
08. Silver Discs And NASA Chimps
09. Great Scott! (feat. H.I.M.N.L.)
10. Mos Eisley
11. The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life
12. It Could Only Git More Gooder (Socias Keriyoki Remix)

Producer – Circus / Transducer / Nick The Greek / Rubic / Mr. Fung / LA Jae / DJ Bam-Bam / Chain Smokers / Awol One / J.D. Frump / Nobody / H.I.M.N.L. / Existereo / Paris Zax / Andre Afram Asmar / Nostrildaumus