The Shape Shifters

The Shape Shifters
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The Shape Shifters
Members: Akuma, Awol One, Bleek, Circus, Existereo, Die Young, Doc Lewd, Jericho J, LA Jae, LifeRexall, Mek One, Perk One, Radioinactive, Rob One, Shumagorath

Label: Celestial Recordings/The Shape Shifters
Release Date: 2000/2011
Format: CDR, Reissue
Genre: Hip Hop (Used)
Condition: A

米ロスアンジェルスから、The Shape Shifters の入手困難だったアルバムが待望の再発! Mikah9 (Freestyle Fellowship), Omid, Fat Jack (Abstract Tribe Unique), KutMasta Kurt (Masters Of Illusion) らが参加!

01. Who's Got Presents? (feat. 2Mex)
02. Prevail
03. Hootie and the Brainfish
04. Reiterate
05. Rob One Mixtape Megamix
06. Words of Wizdumb
07. Mos Eisley
08. Strange Birds
09. Flossin'
10. The Chain Name
11. Planet Rock 2012
12. Triple Threat
13. Beetleborg
14. Wake Up Dead (feat. Mikah 9)
15. Korn Bizkit
Producer - OD / LifeRexall / LA Jae / Circus / Existereo / Paris Zax / Awol One / Existereo / Fat Jack / Transducer