The Prime

The Prime
One Uppers (CD)
Price: ¥3,580

The Prime
Members: Luckyiam.PSC (Living Legends, CMA, Mystik Journeymen), Sapient (Sandpeople)

Label: LRG
Release Date: 2009
Format: CD, Limited Edition
Genre: Hip Hop

アパレル・ブランド LRG 企画の限定盤!
Living Legends の Luckyiam.PSC と Sandpeople の Sapient による The Prime のアルバム!

01. One Uppers
02. Kill The Cat
03. How You Use It
04. Common Place
05. Privilege RMX
06. Kuddy (Instrumental)
07. All-Star Crushfest
08. I Did This For You
09. Fly In My Own Right
10. Manners
11. S.I.D.S.
12. You Never Expected
Producer - Sapient