The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts
A Musical Massacre (2LP)
Loud Records (1999)
Genre: Hip Hop (Used)
Condition: A
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The Beatnuts (Members: Psycho Les, Juju)

01. Intro
02. Beatnuts Forever (feat. Triple Seis / Marlon "Perro" Manson)
03. Muchachacha (feat. Willie Stubz / Swinger)
04. I Love It
05. Slam Pit (feat. Cuban Link / Common)
06. Wild, Wild, What!
07. Look Around (feat. dead prez / Cheryl Pepsii Riley)
08. Cocotaso (feat. Tony Touch)
09. Monster For Music
10. Spelling Beatnuts With Lil' Donny
11. Puffin' On A Cloud
12. Turn It Out (feat. Greg Nice)
13. Rated R (feat. Nogoodus)
14. Who You're Fuckin' Wit
15. Story 2000 (feat. Patrick Blazy)
16. Watch Out Now
17. You're A Clown (feat. Biz Markie / Tyler Fernandez)
18. Buddah In The Air (feat. Carl Thomas / Gob Goblin)
19. Se Acabo (It's Over) (feat. Magic Juan / Swinger)