Sources Of Specialment

Sources Of Specialment
Free From Expectations (LP)
Nico's Records (1996)(EU)
Genre: Hip Hop (Used)
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Sources Of Specialment
Members: Syah (InDepth), Psychic

01. Intro
02. Out Of A Line
03. Time Work
04. Antique Travel Structure (feat. Murs)
05. Ain't No Ending
06. Still No Ending
07. Commercialized MC's
08. We Study What We Speak
09. Underground Pt. II
10. A Lot Of Problems
11. Stepping With Energy
12. The Young Militant Man
13. Underlude
14. The Special Sources From Under This World (feat. Vision (Mystik Journeymen) / The Grouch / P.S.C. (Mystik Journeymen) / Murs)
15. Far From Devils
Producer - Psychic Summit / DJ Syah