Songs That Went Tin (CDR)
Price: ¥2,980

Sole (Anticon, Deep Puddle Dynamics, So Called Artists, Mansbestfriend): FacebookTwitter

Label: Sole
Release Date: 2005
Format: CDR
Genre: Hip Hop

Sole のWebサイトとライブ会場で販売されていた未発表曲を収録したハンドメイドの自主制作盤!

01. Good Tofu (prod. odd nosdam)
02. Win Win Win (prod. bommer monk)
03. Isn't It Sad feat.Passage (prod. alias)
04. The Harder They Fall Indeed (prod. alias)
05. The Surface (prod. alias)
06. My Head Hurts feat.Sage Francis (prod. jel)
07. The Realness Continuum (prod. bommer monk)
08. Imnotlikethatnowc (prod. alias)
09. Puppetshow (prod. dj mayonaise)
10. Idiots Guide To The Universe feat. Why? (prod. dj mayonaise)
11. Think Big (prod. scott matellic)
12. Stuffed Animals Trailer (prod. controller7)
13. Numb (Original) (prod. odd nosdam)
14. Time Travel Is Lonely (prod. tel jim jesus)
15. T.I.M. (prod. jel)
16. Mass Suicide (Depeche Mode OG Mix) (prod. sole)
17. My Pen (prod. odd nosdam)