The 147th Best MC You've Never Heard Of...EP(CD)
Price: ¥2,180

Signifire (Indigenous Womb)
Indigenous Womb: Myspace

Label: Inklings Massive Records/SIQ Records
Release Date: 2007
Format: CD
Genre: Hip Hop

米ハワイの Siq Records から、Indigenous Womb のメンバー Signifire (2002 World MC1 Battle Champion) のアルバム!

01. Re-Introducing
02. She's Beautiful
03. Come To Pass (feat. Kalen Lister)
04. Not Your Gentleman (feat. Jackie Gino)
05. You Feeling These Keys (Skit) (feat. Servant Sleep)
06. It's All Lies
07. Something About Us (feat. Vex-Bizzy / Soul)

She's Beautiful from Indigenous Womb... Free download: http://signifire on Myspace.