Sensational & Spectre

Sensational & Spectre
Acid & Bass (CD)
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Label: WordSound
Release Date: 2009
Format: CD
Genre: Hip Hop

WordSound から、Sensational と Spectre の鬼才2人によるアルバム!

01. The Way I Like
02. The Boom
03. Rap like This
04. The Stomp
05. Grand Imperial (feat. Black Chameleon)
06. Beat Bangers (feat. Black Chameleon)
07. Boom Bash Shit
08. Frantic
09. Bliss
10. Style Sporadic
11. Shout Outs
12. Bass In Ya Face
13. In The Mix
14. Take Flight
15. Danger (feat. Black Chameleon / Kev Hutch)
16. I Do That A Lot