Seez Mics

Seez Mics
Cruel Fuel (Cassette)
Price: ¥1,780 ¥800

Seez Mics (Educated Consumers, First Name Basis)

Label: I Had An Accident Records
Release Date: 2014
Format: Cassette, Limited Edition
Genre: Hip Hop

Seez Mics

01. M.O.M.
02. Serotonin Sweepstakes
03. Become A Ghost
04. Social Insecurity
05. That's Not How It Works
06. Things Change
07. Human Farm
08. What Your Head Will Hold
09. Never Apologize To Your Rapist
10. Torn (feat. Kristoff Krane)
11. Cruel Fuel
12. Angel In The Engine
13. Post Pathic Profiteers (feat. DJ Abilities)