Rusty Ps

Rusty Ps
Rusty Ps Vs. Milwaukee (CD)
Price: ¥3,280 ¥2,624

Rusty Ps (Rusty Pelicans)
Members: Phantom Channel, Count Classic, Madhatter, S Watson

Label: Rusty P Records
Release Date: 2005
Format: CD
Genre: Hip Hop

Milwaukee Hip Hop Finest! Rusty Ps コラボレーション・アルバム!
米ウィスコンシン州ミルウォーキーを拠点に活動する Rusty Ps が、ミルウォーキーの様々なジャンルのアーティストとコラボ! Def Harmonic の Lunaversol9 と J.Todd らが参加!

01. DJ Aaron Wade - Intro
02. The Return (Vs. Rusty Pelicans)
03. Funk'd Up (Vs. J. Todd) 04. Back To Life (Vs. Kid Millions)
05. We Energies (Vs. Chocolate Gamma)
06. The Nightlife (Vs. Adebisi)
07. Emancipation (Vs. The Silence)
08. Rock That (Vs. Cash Bishop)
09. One Man (Vs. J-Slim)
10. Time (Vs. Recycled Future)
11. Don't Push Your Luck (Vs. The Mistreaters)
12. Relax (Vs. Lunaversol 9)
13. Summertime (Vs. Black Elephant)
14. Gather Around (Vs. Kid Cut Up)
15. This World (Vs. Minus After)
Bonus Track
16. Is It Live? (Remix) (Vs. DJ D ON)

Producer - S. Watson / J. Todd / Salva / The Silence & Madhatter / Cash Bishop / J-Slim / Recycled Future / The Mistreaters & Rusty Ps / Remode / Kid Cut Up / Old Man Malcolm & J. Todd / DJ D ON