Qwel & Jackson Jones

Qwel & Jackson Jones
Jump The Gun (CDR)
Price: ¥2,680

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Jackson Jones (Dr. Jones, Dallas Jackson, Jeff Kuglich): Twitter

Label: Galapagos4
Release Date: 2009
Format: CDR, Limited Edition
Genre: Hip Hop

米シカゴの Galapagos4 から、Qwel と Jackson Jones によるアルバム。 限定盤!

01. Jump The Gun
02. Future Shock (Postmodernism With An Australian Accent)
03. Red C
04. Getting Over
05. Straight Edge
06. The CD Exchange
07. Magazine MCs
08. Envy Greens
09. See You When, I See You
10. The First Buff
11. Scholar Vomit