Q-Bert & D-Styles

Q-Bert & D-Styles
Live From The Ranger Rover (CD)
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Label: Soundbwoy Records (EU)
Release Date: 2001
Format: CD
Genre: Hip Hop

01. Way Faster Than Light Speed (Freestyle Scratch Session)
02. TRACE-II w/Laser canons (Freestyle Scratch Session)
03. Extracting 25% < 33% H2O per kg of H2SO4 (Freestyle Scratch Session)
04. Green Glowing Clouds of Jupiter (Freestyle Scratch Session)
05. Moon Based Packet via Photon Transponder (Q-BERT Drum Solo)
06. Renting Rigid Airships + Miles (Drum & Scratch Routine)
07. SilicaDiatoms (Q-BERT Scratch Solo)
08. How much moon-rock as meteorites on Earth (D-STYLES Scratch Routine)
09. ME-L1 counter-rotating flywheels (Drum & Scratch)
10. The Lunar Metro Bus (Freestyle Scratch Session)
11. Operating on H2O2/C12H26 (D-STYLES Scratch Routine)
12. Humans on a Nasty Venus (Q-BERT Scratch Routine)
13. Faster Photons using Atomic Oort Zone (Freestyle Scratch Session)