Pastense (Willie Green Presents)
Paper Seatbelts (Cassette)
Price: ¥1,780

Label: I Had An Accident Records
Release Date: 2015
Format: Cassette, Limited Edition
Genre: Hip Hop

2011年に Backwoodz Studioz からリリースされた Willie Green (Producer - Brooklyn, NY) と Pastense (emcee - Boston, MA) のアルバムが、 I Had An Accident Records からカセットテープでリリース!

ダウンロード・コード付き Limited to 105 "military grey" c64 cassettes.
Pastense Pastense Pastense

01. Intro
02. Nightmare Pedigree (feat. JMC & Chris Louis)
03. In My Cipher
04. Feeling Perfect (feat. Sylen & Warren Britt)
05. Grizzly
06. Judge Us (Culture Shock) (feat. The Foundation Movement)
07. This Is Pt. 1 (Raining Again)
08. Those With Loaded Guns
09. Help Me (feat. Hicoup)
10. Great Depression (feat. Billy Woods)
11. This Is Pt. 2 (Ordinary Parable) (feat. Son Of Sam)
12. .38 Special (feat. Super Chron Flight Brothers)
13. Without You
14. End Of Days (feat. J Tronious & Jr. Mega)
15. In My Cipher Remix (feat. Cannibal Ox, Super Chron Flight Brothers, Johnny Voltrik)
16. Jungle (feat. Shortrock)
Producer - Willie Green