Meaty Ogre

Meaty Ogre
Leo vs. Pisces Vol. 1 (LP)
Galapagos4 (2003)
Genre: Hip Hop (Used)
Condition: M
Price: ¥1,580

01. Flibbertigibbit (feat. Robust)
02. Amusing Ourselves to Death (feat. Inf Power)
03. Orions's Right Shoulder (feat. Qwel)
04. Descending Son (feat. Denizen Kane)
05. Raging Bull (feat. Actual Fact)
06. Long Dirty Word (feat. Rift Napalm)
07. Wheel of Misfortune
08. Suns On The Prowl (feat. Offwhyte)
09. Mutable End (feat. Mestizo)
Producer - Meaty Ogre