Man'sbestfriend (Sole)
The New Human Is Illegal (2LP)
Morr Music (2004)(EU)
Genre: Hip Hop (Used)
Condition: M
Price: ¥2,780

Man'sbestfriend (Sole, Anticon, Deep Puddle Dynamics, Live Poets, So Called Artists, Sole & The Skyrider Band): FacebookTwitterInstagram

01. Class Action Suit Against Earth
02. Idol Victim
03. How To Be Rich And Powerful
04. Ode To Clean Air
05. Little Bank Anthem
06. No Thanks
07. The Devil's A Travelling Man
08. Numb
09. Dream About Afghanistan Or Oakland
10. Form Plus Prime Matter Equals Substance
11. Be Happy
12. Attack Russia
13. Poor Is Cool
14. Dream I Had On 25th Birthday
15. Great Open Grey
16. If You Don't Like My Music