Crystal Radio

Crystal Radio
Crystal Radio (Cassette)
Price: ¥1,780

Crystal Radio
Members: Gilead7 (Tomorrow Kings), Dr. Strangelove

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Label: I Had An Accident Records
Release Date: 2016
Format: Cassette, Limited Edition
Genre: Hip Hop

米シカゴの Tomorrow Kings のメンバー Gilead7 と、英国のプロデューサー Dr. Strangelove による Crystal Radio のアルバム。The Juggaknots の Queen Herawin が参加!ダウンロード・コード付き限定100本!

Limited to 100 purple tint c31 cassettes
Crystal Radio

01. Seconds In Time (feat. Phantom Thrett)
02. Kali
03. Tables Turned (feat. Phantom Thrett)
04. Before Art Rap Was Art Rap
05. Dead Sea Scrolls (feat. Johannes de Silentio)
06. Goddess Art Crimes (feat. Queen Herawin)
07. Anti-Social Butterfly
08. Tables Turned (Slow Session) (feat. Phantom Thrett)
09. The Turner Tradition (Voodoo)
Producer - Dr. Strangelove / Phantom Thrett