Citizen and Livin Poetry

Citizen and Livin' Poetry
Live Hard, Die Free (CDR)
Price: ¥2,480 ¥1,240

Poe & Citizen
Members: Citizen (CTZN, The Understudies), Poe (Livin' Poetry, The Understudies, Candlespit Collective)

米サンフランシスコの The Understudies のメンバー、Citizen と Poe によるアルバム! Donwill (Tanya Morgan)、Abstract Rude (Project Blowed)、Deuce Eclipse (Zion I crew)、Bukue One らが参加! 入手困難なCDR!推薦盤!

Label: Study Music
Release Date: 2008
Format: CDR
Genre: Hip Hop

01. Floating (Intro)
02. HipHop (For Real) Citizen (feat. Poe & Kevorkian)
03. Sneakers (feat. DJ Hoppa)
04. I Am
05. Fluid Flow (feat. Bukue One)
06. Goodlife (feat. The Understudies)
07. Radio Flyer (feat. A Brother Named George / Donwill of Tanya Morgan / Abstract Rude)
08. Stars Fall
09. Shouts (Interlude)
10. UnHook
11. Malfunction (feat. Maintain of After Hijrah / The Understudies)
12. Rainy Dayz (feat. Deuce Eclipse of Zion I / Bang Data)
13. Falling (feat. Self Advocate)
14. Sunshine (feat. BTD + Derius)
Producer - Citizen / Myers / DJ Hoppa (Broken Complex)