Overall (2LP)
Price: ¥3,780

Members: The Grouch (Living Legends), Luckyiam.PSC (Living Legends, Mystik Journeymen)
The Grouch:

Label: Mary Joy Recordings (JPN)
Release Date: 1999
Format: Vinyl
Genre: Hip Hop

01. When??? [feat. Arifa, Christian]
02. The CMA
03. Luke Warm [feat. Izadoe]
04. Overall
05. My Shoes
06. Free Will
07. Why I Crew [feat. Pep Love]
08. Road Trip
09. Bored In The O [feat. Shymel]
10. Whatchahere4?
11. U Might Knock This [feat. Murs]
12. The Best
13. No Easy Way [feat. Pep Love]
14. 2 Help The Weak.End
15. Introsepctions
16. Pre-Sale [feat. Arifa, Zack Twist]
17. $ouled Out [feat. N8 The GR8]
Producer - The Grouch, Slurface Tone, Eclipse 427, Elusive, Bizarro, D-Sharp