Fear Of A Black Tangent (LP)
Price: ¥4,950

Busdriver (Project Blowed, Flash Bang Grenada, The Weather)

Label: Mush [MH-235]
Release Date: 2005
Format: Vinyl, LP
Genre: Hip Hop (Used)
Condition: M

01. Yawning Zeitgeist Intro (Freestyle)
02. Reheated Pop!
03. Unemployed Black Astronaut
04. Happiness('s Unit Of Measurement)
05. Avantcore
06. Wormholes
07. Map Your Psyche [feat. Abstract Rude & Ellay Khule]
08. Cool Band Buzz
09. Note Boom
10. Low Flying Winged Books
11. Befriend The Friendless Friendster
12. Sphinx's Coonery [feat. Mikah-9 & 2Mex]
13. Lefty's Lament
Producer - Omid, Thavius Beck, Danger Mouse, Daedelus, Paris Zax