Deadbeats (Cassette)
Price: ¥1,780

Label: I Had An Accident Records
Release Date: 2015
Format: Cassette, Limited Edition
Genre: Hip Hop

ダウンロード・コード付き / Limited to 200 copper c68 cassettes
BrokeMC BrokeMC BrokeMC BrokeMC BrokeMC

01. Deadbeats Anthem (feat. Ill Spokinn)
02. Headtrip (feat. Warren Britt)
03. Rocket Lustre (feat. Sirens)
04. Stronger Weapons (feat. Dyalekt and PremRock, Homeboy Sandman)
05. The Art Handlers (feat. Dyalekt and Rabbi Darkside)
06. Revenge Of The Words (feat. Undakova, Coldstone Steve Awesome and Chaz Kangas)
07. Crash Course (feat. Brzowski and Hired Gun)
08. Underground Lights (feat. Sumkid and Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky)
09. Leviathan (feat. Ceschi and Swordplay)
10. War Torn Love (feat. Boogie Boy Metal Mouth and Skurt Vonnegut)
11. Boombaptistas (feat. Rabbi Darkside and Dozer)
12. Counting Sheep (feat. Billy Woods, Super King Armor and Jack Wilson)
13. Home Like (feat. B.S.)
14. Milk Carton Face (feat. Ciara Bizna$$)
15. It's All About (feat. K.Gaines and GenesisBe)
16. Binary Ode (feat. Lex Getit, Cernesto and Crazy E)
17. Keep You Up (feat. Cernesto and Lt.Headtrip)