Bored Stiff

Bored Stiff
From The Ground Up (CD)
Price: ¥2,780

Bored Stiff:
Members: Big Shawn, Equipto, TD Camp, Mint Rock, White Mic, Dubstar, P-Way, Ike Plump, Julz

Label: Hella Records
Release Date: 2007
Format: CD
Genre: Hip Hop

01. Rebuilding the Symbol
02. My Word
03. Sound Travels
04. Media
05. Medicine
06. Livin Right (feat. Z-Man, Otayo Dubb)
07. In the House
08. Zig Zaggy
09. Spirit of Lee
10. Why?
11. C Thru BS (feat. Del the Funky Homosapien)
12. Until Then
13. More Than a Rhyme (feat. Sunspot Jonz)
14. Maturity
15. Good Bye
16. Face to Face
17. Sneak Attack (feat. Agent Stricnine)
18. Spanks
19. Back with the Stiff
20. Don't Got Much
21. I Remember