Babel Fishh & Oskar Ohlson

Babel Fishh & Oskar Ohlson
Pinkie Swear (LP)
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Label: Knertz (EU)
Release Date: 2009
Format: Vinyl, Limited Edition
Genre: Hip Hop

Babel Fishh と Oskar Ohlson によるアルバム。
Limited to 500 hand numbered copies.

01. Thanks For Listening If Your Listening
02. Camp Side Page Burst
03. Coin Counting (feat. Winterismyname)
04. Letter To Lucien
05. One Syllable Name (feat. Com.Pare)
06. In Or Out Bound
07. The Distance Between Us (feat. Univac)
08. Close Knit Guild (feat. Home)
09. I Promise Not To Promise
10. Six Six Snebbes
11. Boney Since Birth (feat. Scarlet Scamper)
12. Little Puppy Stampede (feat. Audio88 / Bleubird)
13. Factory Whistle
14. We Always Get The Roadbumps (feat. The Beastmaster)
15. Vacant Funeral
16. We Heart Bubble Mr. Murdoch (feat. The Knertz Choir)

Mixed By - Com.Pare / Oskar Ohlson
Mastered By - Yassin Taibi
Producer - Oskar Ohlson
Rap - Babel Fishh