Akomplice x Eligh

Akomplice x Eligh

Akomplice x Eligh
GreyCrow Limited Edition Box Set
Brand: Akomplice
Color: Black
Price: ¥7,580 ¥3,680
【VINTAGE】2011年 デッドストック

Size: M - 着丈 73cm / 身幅 50cm
Size: L - 着丈 76cm / 身幅 55cm
Size: XL - Out of Stock

Akomplice から、Eligh (Living Legends) との限定コラボ商品! 木箱入り!
待望の新作アルバム 「GreyCrow」 Limited Edition CD + Tシャツ!

• Limited Edition Akomplice x Eligh T-Shirt
• Limited Edition GreyCrow CD (exclusive bonus track 収録)
• Limited Edition GreyCrow x Akomplice Cigar Box

Akomplice x Eligh - Limited Edition Box Set (T-Shirt & CD)

Akomplice x ElighAkomplice x Eligh Akomplice x Eligh

Akomplice x Eligh Akomplice x Eligh

Akomplice x Eligh

Eligh - GreyCrow (CD)
Akomplice / Legendary Music (2010)

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01. Sad Of Eye (Intro)
02. Angel of Death
03. Soul On The Road
04. Love Ov My Life (feat. Luckyiam (PSC) / Paris Hayes)
05. Find Yourself (feat. Paris Hayes)
06. When I'm A Dad
07. Wish I Would (feat. Inspired Flight)
08. Miss Busdriver (Rachel)
09. Shine (feat. K-Flay / The Grouch)
10. Stuck With You (feat. Aesop Rock)
11. Desire (feat. Inspired Flight)
12. Skitzo (feat. Ellay Khule / Basik / DJ Bonds)
13. Whirlwind (feat. Pigeon John)
14. Wake Up! (feat. Brother Ali / Lisa Ahlstrom)
15. Beneath the Sea (feat. Zumbi (Zion I) / Scarub)
16. Maybe So
17. Suffocate (feat. Marty James / Paul Datah / Lisa Ahlstrom)

Exclusive bonus track
18. Untitled
19. Music Dies
Producer - Eligh / Elusive / Starkey